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Black Powder

Black Powder enthusiasts and muzzleloaders will be pleased to know that we are stocking and have an inventory of Swiss and German made Black Powder. Swiss made Black Powder is made with a very specific type of charcoal to exacting tolerances and is very high quality. It is perfect for muzzleloaders who want a consistent Black Powder that is “moist burning”. Black Powder cannon owners will be interested in some of our German Wano black powders.

In the Fall of 2016 and Spring of 2017, we are expanding our research and development to offer limited ballistic services such as chronograph and pressure time mapping for muzzleloaders. Our ballistic test barrels will generate internal ballistic information as well as terminal shot placement and deviation. If you have interest in these services, please contact us and ask for Richard Bland.

We are seeking a limited number of experienced muzzleloaders in the central Wisconsin area to assist us with research and development of our Spectrum produced Black Powder. Our Black Powder is made with a special proprietary blend of charcoals made from local wood. Our charcoal is retorted at a specific temperature to yield a “moist burning” high quality Black Powder. If you have interest in load development, then please contact Richard Bland for more details. There are a limited number of positions so please call soon.

We are ready for the Fall 2016 shooting season so please call or email to get current inventory and pricing details. Black Powder is available for pickup at our central Wisconsin location.

Black Powder Chart

Cannon 1.0-2.2 mm
Cannon 1.3-1.6 mm
1FG 1.20-1.60 mm
2FG 0.65-1.20 mm
3FG 0.50-0.80 mm
4FG 0.25-0.50 mm