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Fireworks Displays

Turn Key Display Service

Colorful Fireworks Display at Night on Rooftop Provided by Spectrum Pyrotechnics

Contracting with us is very easy. First, give us a call. Every client is different and every event is unique and requires special attention. “One size does NOT fit all” and a custom design from Spectrum Pyrotechnics can actually save you time and money – not cost you extra. A custom display from us will be tailored to your specific event site and will draw from our years of design and program execution experience. We then will conduct a quick site survey with you and discuss any logistic concerns. Finally, let us do the rest! We will design and build your program – then display your masterpiece!

The contacting process with Spectrum Pyrotechnics is a breeze and we perform for all types of events both private and public. If you have any questions, please call us and we will be happy to help you by expertly addressing any concerns. We do not publicly list references, but we are happy to share prior client contact information upon request. We welcome all newcomers to the Spectrum Pyrotechnics family!

What to Expect from Spectrum Pyrotechnics:

  • Custom design services free of charge
  • Soundtrack design for larger multimedia events
  • Full range of budgets and shoot environments
  • Offering both high quality imports and our exclusive domestically produced premier pyro
  • Incredible inventory of waterborne equipment and barges
  • Full digital wireless firing systems
  • Experienced crew and staff